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Olympic KizCoders Project

The Olympic KizCoders project by KizCode was launched in 2022 to support the dreams of KizCoders who participated in the TÜBİTAK National Science Olympiad Computer Branch and believed that "there should be more girls in this field." This educational project is built to reduce the opportunity and resource inequality that needs to be overcome to benefit from the social and academic impact of being an Olympiad student. Participants in this project receive guidance for Olympiad preparation, peer mentoring, mathematics, algorithms, coding training focused on the exams and strategic preparation. To participate in this educational program, participants only need the motivation to improve themselves in this field and become Olympiad students!

While there is an opportunity inequality even in being aware of the latest developments related to the Olympics, KizCode aims to reach and inform broader audiences about this topic that it believes will be very beneficial for students' education and careers. They also aim to develop the necessary skills with a competent educational staff during the preparation process and provide guidance on technical aspects, including exam applications.

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