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“Hacking the refugee crisis” – The Verge

KizCode was featured in the Verge's article last April 2016, together with other non-profit organisations in London in order to come up with a solution to help the refugee crisis. Article originally from The Verge  Words: Ananya Bhattacharya  When he was a kid, Mike Butcher's dad took him to an army base where the government had

Video: What KızCode is all about The founder of KızCode, Mujde Esin was featured in EdTech Trends by Alice Bonasio (@alicebonasio) in Science Museum about the future of education with technology. KizCode aims to help Turkish and migrants in Turkey and the UK to appreciate more about maths and technology through fun activities and workshops. Learn more about KizCode

KızCode making a big impact in Turkey

Wish Tree is a for profit organization which aims to empower women through technology by working with social entrepreneurs that specializes in women’s issues <KizCode/> is a non-profit initiative of Wish Tree which educates immigrant girls from Turkey in the UK in the art of software development to enhance their participation in the economy

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