Mujde Esin

“I didn’t have access to higher education for years after I completed my high school degree.  Later I was able to successfully complete my university and graduate studies thanks to the scholarships and opportunities I was given. Many girls living in disadvantaged communities like me are still out of school today due to similar hardships that I have faced. I know that when they get some support or opportunities, their lives can change for better, drastically. My own experience provides the determination and willingness to work in this field and reach as many girls as possible. ”


Under the mentorship of academician, Ünsal Oskay, Müjde Esin studied Communication Design at Beykent University in Turkey, graduating with BA Honours. She completed her master’s degree in Media Management at the University of Westminster. She worked as a project manager at Syrian Refugee Camp in Gaziantep, Turkey; a Co-Director at Skyturk360; and a Program Producer and Co-Director at TRT.

Esin founded KizCode as a social enterprise in 2016. She collaborates with companies in Turkey and the UK to deliver computer-coding workshops to girls and young women. The workshops aim to give girls and women the skills to gain financial dependence in migrant patriarchal communities. KizCode received an innovative corporate social responsibility award from the Junior Chamber International (JCI) in 2016. Esin was also selected as the most successful Women Educator of the Year at Microsoft Turkey’s Women Leaders of Technology award ceremony in 2017.

Esin’s main research and projects focus on diversity and girls’ education in migrant and minority group communities. She provides consultancy services to companies.


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