KızCode making a big impact in Turkey

//KızCode making a big impact in Turkey

KızCode making a big impact in Turkey

Wish Tree is a for profit organization which aims
to empower women through technology by working
with social entrepreneurs that specializes in women’s issues

<KizCode/> is a non-profit initiative of Wish Tree which educates immigrant girls from Turkey in the UK in the art of software development to enhance their participation in the economy as high skilled labour force as business owners.

Women as part of the labour force

Women currently make up almost 50% of the UK workforce (Office of National Statistics)

But, only about 13% of those work in science, technology and engineering industries. (WISE Statistics,2014)

Women also occupied only 11.2% of technology leadership roles in Europe. (Gartner Technology Research)

Therefore, women are the minority in high skilled technological jobs.